Floating Single Coil Pickup for Archtop Guitar

Old legendary only floating archtop singlecoil pickup is finally reproduced, for the first time after stop of the production, these sought after collectors items are available.

Exactly same magnets, same bobbin material & dimensions. Same coil wire and same output. This "most beautiful guitar pickup in the world" is available on either Gold or Chrome plated.

Bright, smooth & warm singlecoil sound. Natural and bright on low gain. Nice "control" on higher gain.
Only exception to original is reshaped longer lip to fix the pickup under pickguard. Also string balance is adjusted to suit better to modern strings, -USE ONLY STRINGS with WOUND G-string.

"Short rod installation" to fingerboard, other end fixed to underside of pickguard.


To order tell your name and address, I will mail you invoice by e-mail, when It's paid I will send your pickup, free shipping around the world.



Nickel plated 300 eur
(taxfree 244 eur to NON eu customers)

Gold plated 320 eur
(taxfree 260 eur to NON eu customers)

Technical Specs

Output 7,2 kΩ
String spacing E-e 90 mm
Assembly height see PDF
Dimensions 83,4 x 25,5 x 8 mm
Assembly instructions

Handmade Swingmaster Pickup Handmade Swingmaster Pickup Handmade Swingmaster Pickup Handmade Swingmaster Pickup